Chef: You!!!
The impression of Teppanyaki is spending big money,Chef would cook for you very carefully with great performance in high level restaurant.
But in Sakuratei, you can cook YOUR STYLE for your original meal:Okonomiyaki,Monjayaki,steak,French toast...etc.
Cook yourself so WILD so RELAX.A little bit different restaurant in Tokyo Harajuku.
Welcome, chef.Let's start your show for your family,friends,and yourself!
New Menu breaking the rule always.
We are trying new menu everyday and you can only get it in Sakuratei.
Universal,hot spicy,cheese,Japanese cuisine...combine everything if it is delicous!
unimaginable Amazing menu only in Sakuratei!!
Evolving Art Space
Interior decoration are constantly evolving.
Art directly painted such as walls, pillars, roofs...Please enjoy One and only art in Sakuratei.
With Design Festa Cafebar&Gallery!
We have Design Festa gallery and a cafe bar on site.
Enjoy Art with amazing drink after your wonderful meal!
Natural Daishi without additive chemical seasoning,taken by Rishiri kombu,dried mackerel, dried bonito.The material and blend ratio is the secret of Sakura-tei's taste.Delicious soup make every topping taste upgrated .
Delicious soup blended with yam,cabbage carved into 1 mm thick,you can enjoy a soft texture from okonomiyaki dough then a crunchy texture from cabbage.
DelicousPoint-3-Golden ratio
Using soup 200% than other okonomiyaki restaurant to keep the flavor,Golden ratio of cabbage,soup,yam make Okonomiyaki more and more delicious!

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