About Sakura Tei

Our Concept
- Food Meets Art -

Sakura Tei is located in trendy Harajuku, the wildly popular and undoubtedly famous fashion and art district of central Tokyo.
Connected to Design Festa Gallery and the outside coffee shop, the interior of Sakura Tei reflects the local roots.
The walls are all hand painted original works by Design Festa artists, with seating available inside and outside. When you're here, you'll know it's Harajuku.

Our Staff

Our staff are here to welcome you and introduce you to the world of okonomiyaki and monjayaki.
If you've never cooked it before, all you need to do is ask and we'll happily show you!

Our Secret

Sakura Tei's special okonomiyaki batter is made from a base of select Japanese kombu dashi, thickened up with a variety of Japanese potato.
Our cabbage, green onions, and all other ingredients are grown right here in Japan.
The Sakura Tei menu, boasting a huge variety of options and always fresh specials, is our pride and joy.

Prefer monjayaki instead? We have monjas that you won't find anywhere else! "Dragon" monja, Chinese monja, Eggplant-tomato-cheese monja...
We hope you'll enjoy eating these original creations as much as we enjoyed thinking them up!

After you've tried our okonomiyaki and monjayaki, we have plenty of side dishes, deserts, drinks, and more! Alcoholic drinks are prepared by our bartender!!

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